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Establishing Your Sports Recognition Program

It’s no secret that everyone likes a little recognition every once in a while. For kids especially, it can be a deciding factor when considering if they want to stay with an activity or not. That’s why having a well-established sports recognition program is key to keeping your athletes motivated.

Awards & Engraving, your local Baytown awards shop, is sharing a few things to keep in mind when putting together your program. 

  1. Keep it positive – Acknowledging a job well done is always great but be sure to avoid negative comments about others.  
  2. Encourage participation – The more people that get involved, the more fun it will be! 
  3. Be specific – Instead of just saying “good job,” try to include what they did that was praiseworthy. 
  4. Make it visual – People love seeing their names in lights, so consider making a big deal out of announcing winners. 
  5. Keep notes throughout the season on each player’s progress to help you recognize individual effort and improvement. 
  6. Make it regular – Make recognition a part of each practice and game. Highlight someone who’s improving, demonstrates good sportsmanship, or who made the big play! 
  7. Get the Parents Involved – Have parents capture action shots of kids that you can distribute with their awards. 
  8. Plan an event – Plan an end-of-season event where players can relax and have fun with their teammates. 
  9. Leave no one out – When presenting the award, share a specific comment on each child. 

Awards & Engraving has made it easy for coaches, parents, and league organizers to set up a meaningful sports recognition program. We offer a wide range of specialty trophies, medals, and awards that can be personalized with your message. Located in Baytown, TX, the Awards & Engraving team can help you find the perfect award for your program. Stop by today and let them help you get started on your recognition program! 

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