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Want to Make Your Awards Ceremony More Memorable?

If you are going to host an awards ceremony, whether it’s for a sports team or for a formal corporate banquet, the most important thing is that you take every measure to make sure your audience doesn’t get bored. Here are some tips to help you throw a memorable awards ceremony:

No Need for a Stage.

If possible, you should consider skipping the traditional stage set-up for your awards ceremony. Instead, you can set up a table in the middle of the room and have the action happen there. This often makes the event feel more personal and memorable.

Make Time for Networking.

Socialization at any event is really important, so you want to make sure you encourage it as much as possible. Arrange the tables in a way that allows people to easily maneuver around the room and network with one another.

Choose One Recipient to Specially Honor.

While you do want to make sure all the hard work is rewarded, it may be a good idea to recognize one outstanding performer. This will give everyone something to aspire to, as well as look forward to. Everyone loves a little suspense!

Bring on the Food!

Seriously, bring on the food. A sure way to make an event enjoyable is to include a great food selection. In fact, the promise of good food can even act as a convincer of attendance to some people who are on the fence about attending the ceremony.

Provide Real Trophies.

If you’re going to have an awards ceremony, the awards ought to be memorable. You want to give your recipients something they will want to keep for years. Go to a local awards store and purchase some good-quality personalized awards.

Remember, these tips are great, yet general. Now it’s time for you to consider your audience and decide on the smaller details, based on their preferences. After all, you know your people the best!

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